We empower companies to take charge of wellness programs with the industry's best challenges and a flexible delivery system for building wellness into your culture.
We do walking (and activity)
challenges...really well.
Walker Tracker makes it simple, quick, and inexpensive to run your wellness program.

We support you.
WE DO MORE THAN JUST WALKING Walker Tracker is a flexible template that lets you deliver wellness to employees in a way that suits your organization. Long-term wellness initiatives based on personal goal attainment, or short-term, team-building activity competitions are all possible with our fully customizable portals. We can even set up and run large-scale challenges (e.g. division vs division, or company vs company)
  • Sense of Progress Big changes begin with small steps. Walker Tracker provides motivation to keep going and many ways to gauge personal and organizational progress
  • Social Belonging Teams, employee friends, supportive leaders, and family members (included at no-charge), provide the basis of a vibrant culture of wellness.
  • Friendly Competition Walker Tracker's unique approach to challenges provides a variety of ways to foster, or mute, competitive events.
Integration With Every Major Activity Tracking Device Upload your step data automatically! Walker Tracker now integrates with nearly every wireless pedometer and wireless activity tracker on the market.
Customization & Gamification Every company is different. We don't ask you to squeeze into predetermined start dates or team sizes.

Our portals are incredibly versatile and configurable, able to fit your culture and program goals. Since we've designed the system that way, changes are quick and painless.

The Walker Tracker system challenges and motivates employees through social connections and fun interactions that foster long-term positive change. We understand the psychology of change and deliver fun challenges that translate in to lifetime habits.